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The Organizing Alliance Class Room


Our purpose is to educate and train individuals and faith based/civic leaders from the African American community, while embracing other historically marginalized communities (inclusive of diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and religious backgrounds) on civic engagement and public policy advocacy as it pertains to social, economic environmental justice and clean energy.

Mission Statement

Past Work

Marlon Anderson making the case for lower power bills with the state
Southwest customer protesting on TV
Testifying at the PUCN The Fight To Lower Utility Bills
For Our Nevada Citizens

Residents from across the state gathered Tuesday evening to vent their frustration with high NV Energy bills.

Pastor Marlon Anderson and Rev Leonard Jackson with State Legislature
2023 Nevada Legislation Session
Rev Leonard Jackson and Pastor Marlon Anderson  with State Legislature
Woman speaks at Climate Cost Lives hearing
Marlon Anderson speaks at Climate Cost Lives event
Earth Day 2023
Reverand Leonard Jackson, Pastor Marlon Anderson, and Cheryl Peters at PowerShift conference
Participants at PowerShift conference
PowerShift by NV Energy : “Lower Bills Are Affordable Bills”
PowerShift Seminar
PowerShift Seminar class room
PowerShift Seminar
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